Save-Rite Hemorrhoids

This compound works well to numb the area and decrease irritation. The moisturizing and protectant effects of the Carbolic Acid and Lanolin go a long way in decreasing patients symptoms.

Save-Rite Shingles

This cream uses a three-pronged approach combining a numbing agent, a steroid, and an antiviral to help relieve pain and quickly treat the patient's rash.

Save-Rite Poison Ivy

This products ability to relieve discomfort from poison ivy is unparalleled. The Hydrocortisone and Tannic Acid in this compound allow for decreased inflammation and increased skin restoration.

Save-Rite Nail

This product takes advantage of DMSO and its great ability to penetrate deep into the skin and nail bed. This allows the Clotrimazole to more easily reach the site of infection. Though there is a chance of nail discoloration, iodine may be added for thick nails.

Save-Rite Fever Blister

The Tannic Acid in this compound is used to help restore and protect the skin while the Acyclovir and Triamcinolone decrease inflammation and get rid of the fever blister. This is a great product for patients to keep on hand or in their medicine cabinet.

Save-Rite Psoriasis

This is a great product that suspends the active ingredients in a conditioner. This conditioner is extremely effective for Psoriasis patients as it helps to keep the active ingredients on the skin for a long period of time allowing for long-term relief.

Save-Rite Cough

This mixture combines the expectorant effect of Guaifenesin and Potassium Iodine to enhance the treatment capabilities of this product. Mucus is broken down quickly and patients will be rid of their cough exceptionally fast.

Save-Rite Neuropathy

The key to effectively treating neuropathy for most patients is restoring blood flow to trouble areas. This compound combines Menthol and Wintergreen Oil to accomplish this. Some patients have reported less neuropathy just minutes after applying.

Save-Rite BD OTIC Drops

This compound is a numbing, steroid ear drop that uses Dexamethasone and Benzocaine to penetrate deep into the canal to alleviate discomfort and swelling in a matter of minutes.

Save-Rite Swimmers Ear

This compound is an anti-fungal, antibacterial which uses a saturated solution of Boric Acid and Green Alcohol to dry out the moisture in the ear.